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Patrice Chalin

Welcome to my public academic web page. Since August 2011, I am an Associate Professor in the Computing and Information Sciences Department (CIS) at Kansas State University (KSU) and, and member of the SAnToS Laboratory

I also have pages on LinkedIn and Google+ (and publication lists via DBLP and Google Scholar as pointed out below).

Research Areas and Projects


  • Office hours:
    • Wednesday and Friday from 10:00-10:30; otherwise by appointment. My office is N214.
  • Spring 2014:
    • CIS 726Advanced World Wide Web Technologies.
  • Past
    • Fall 2013: CIS 562Enterprise Information Systems (web-based enterprise applications).
    • Spring 2013: CIS 771, Software Specification.
    • Fall 2012: CIS 562, Enterprise Information Systems (web-based enterprise applications).
    • Spring 2012: CIS 771, Software Specification.
    • Fall 2011: CIS 806, Semantics of Programming Languages.


The most complete list of my publications is available from Google ScholarDBPL, ACM (author page; keyword search). Selected publications are included below:

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